Kanungu Receives 18,392 Mosquito Nets

KANUNGU – Kanungu District has received a shipment of 18,392 mosquito nets and 4,598 bells, each holding 40 nets, from the National Medical Stores (NMS).

These are slated for distribution across 102 Parishes in the district.Deputy RDC Kanungu Ahimbisibwe Gad Rugaju, receiving the nets at the district headquarters this week, urged Village Health Teams (VHTs) and Parish Chiefs to ensure the targeted beneficiaries receive these nets.

He also appealed to government officials to educate locals on the proper use of the nets, discouraging activities such as selling or repurposing them for fishing or scaring crows in gardens.

Emphasizing the importance of secure storage before distribution, Gad Rugaju highlighted the risk of theft due to inadequate security.

He reiterated, “Government officials, educate the local populace about the correct use of these nets; they should not be sold or used for purposes like fishing and scaring crows in gardens.”

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Eng. Sam Kajojo, the Kanungu District boss, expressed gratitude to the National Medical Stores for the safe delivery of the nets, recognizing it as a vital step in the fight against malaria in the district.

Kajojo cautioned against complacency in addressing malaria cases, stressing the continual need for comprehensive efforts not only within the district but throughout the entire country.

“We have received a total of 18,392 mosquito nets, along with 4,598 bells, each containing 40 nets. I call upon the Village Health Teams (VHTs) and Parish Chiefs to ensure that these nets reach the intended beneficiaries,” said Sam Kajojo.

The mosquito nets are set to be transported to the Parishes and wards within the district, with distribution kicking off as soon as possible.

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