Kisoro Pensioners Decry Three-Month Pension Delay

KISORO – Pensioners in Kisoro district have expressed their dissatisfaction with the government, citing a three-month delay in receiving their pension.

Organized under the umbrella association known as the Kisoro District Local Government Pensioners Association (KIGOPA), members express their distress after missing payments in July and August, with uncertainty looming over the September disbursement.

A total of 397 pensioners rely on their payments from Kisoro district local government, and their last payment dates back to the end of June. This marks an extended period of three months without any financial support.

In an interview with our reporter today, Iyanurenye Philip, the Secretary of KIGOPA, highlighted the severe impact of these delays on the elderly pensioners.

He emphasized that this situation is particularly challenging as most pensioners are in their advanced years, relying solely on their pensions for daily sustenance, their children’s education fees, and healthcare expenses.

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Philip further revealed that despite assurances from the district leadership, promising timely payments before the end of the first quarter, the pensioners are yet to see any resolution to their financial predicament.


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