Kigezi High School Made My “A” level Experience Memorable – Julius Mucunguzi

OPED – When I first entered the gates of Kigezi High School in March 1991, I had come to request a place in senior three.

However, the headmaster, after reviewing my school report from Jinja SS, informed me that I could only join by repeating senior two due to my late arrival.

Students had already selected subjects for S3, and my academic performance wasn’t up to par.Even then, I had to pass interviews to qualify for the repeat.

Fortunately, I succeeded and was admitted to S.2C, with Bwankosya as my dormitory.On my first day at the school, while walking through the Quadrangle pitch of the boys’ dormitories, a tall boy snatched a black kaveera from me containing ekisyanga, obunena, and yellow bananas. He made a quick escape down the steep slope behind Bitwari House known as Cliff.I reported the incident to my cousin, Asiimwe Ivan, who was in S3 at the time.

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He asked me to describe the tall boy, and based on that description, he identified the culprit and promised to recover my stolen items. He succeeded. Ivan was known as a tough and feared student, which helped deter bullies when I introduced myself as his cousin.I stayed at Kigezi High School for one year but had to leave due to financial constraints.

I then joined Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School on Bwama Island and completed my O level at Bufundi College Kacerere since Lake Bunyonyi didn’t have a UNEB Centre Number.

Despite this, the one year I spent at Kigezi High School left a lasting impact on me. I had such a positive experience that I only applied to return there for A’ Level.With 17 aggregates at the 1993 UNEB UCE Exams, I was readmitted to Kigezi High School, returning to Bwankosya as House Captain.

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The school provided great teachers in the Arts Class, such as Mzee Kiyundo, Kaakaabaare, Charles Birungi Bitutura, Asiimwe Onesimus, John Birihanze, John Tugumisirize, Peter Tumuhekyi Buhura, alongside the solidarity among classmates that enabled us to discuss and share lessons, textbooks, pamphlets, and notes.

The discipline and kind cooks, not to mention Diwali and Emizi ya Rwemereza, made our A level experience memorable. I personally achieved 21 points, which allowed me to pursue a Mass Communication Degree at Makerere University in 1996.

Kigezi High School had a long history of producing successful graduates who played significant roles in building the nation.

It was a place that shaped me and many others. As it celebrates its 100 years of existence, I’m proud to join in the celebration.

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On 30th September, Old Boys, Old Girls, friends, well-wishers, and education enthusiasts will gather at the school campus in Kabale to hear stories like mine from numerous alumni, young and old, sharing their experiences at this great institution.

We are also actively mobilizing resources to ensure that Kigezi High School continues to be a premier institution, imparting skills and knowledge to transform and improve the world for the next 100 years. Join us in this endeavor.

By Julius Mucunguzi, Communications Specialist also an Old Boy at Kigezi High School

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