Lt. Col. Katabazi, Calls for a Broader Approach to Measure UPE Success beyond First-Grade Scores

By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba

KABALE –  Lt. Col. Emmanuel Katabazi, the Deputy Director of the Internal Security Organization has today urged the Media to avoid judging Universal Primary Education – UPE solely based on first-grade scores in PLE. He emphasized that the goal of UPE is to significantly reduce illiteracy levels.


Katabazi pointed out that success can be measured in other ways, such as a woman understanding the importance of immunizing her baby due to education received in school or a Ugandan being able to read and comprehend a signpost.


He emphasized that while good grades are important, the primary focus should be on providing quality education to all Ugandans.


Katabazi also encouraged the Media to follow up on pupils who scored first grades, not just regarding their academic achievements but also their contributions to solving social-economic problems in Uganda.

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Katabazi requested the Media to focus on issues that promote the country’s transformation, particularly in the economic sector, rather than highlighting negatives about existing programs.


He questioned why Uganda still imports small items like pencils despite having educated individuals who could produce them locally. Additionally, he highlighted the use of books with foreign content, suggesting that those with doctorates could contribute by creating relevant content.


The meeting aimed to strengthen the relationship between ISO and journalists as they both serve the country in their respective capacities.

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