Kigezi Teens Awards 2023: Unveiling Extraordinary Youth Talents & Voices in Western Uganda!


OPED – The Kigezi Teens Awards, a significant annual event orchestrated by the Kigezi Teens Organization, is poised to once again enchant the Kigezi community. With its third edition on the horizon, the awards ceremony promises to be a grand spectacle, spotlighting the remarkable talents and achievements of teenagers in the region.

A noteworthy feature of this year’s event is the unveiling of the highly anticipated Kigezi Teens Magazine. In a departure from previous editions, the magazine adopts a school-themed approach with the compelling theme, “Celebrate the power of youth voices, for within their stories lies the strength to inspire, the courage to heal, and the resilience to ignite change.” MS Leona Naturinda, Chief Editor, elaborates, “The magazine will delve into the challenges faced by teens in different schools, explore their interests, and provide guidance on preparing for life after school.”

The Kigezi Teens Awards stand out as a unique platform in Western Uganda, being the sole annual awards ceremony of its kind in the region. It brings together youth and individuals from various districts of Kigezi, fostering unity and togetherness.

On Saturday, 23rd December 2023, at the prestigious White Horse Inn Kabale, the event will unite outstanding individuals across various categories to celebrate their exceptional achievements. Beyond recognizing excellence, it amplifies the voices of the youth in Western Uganda.

“The event includes the coronation of Mr. & Miss Teens, Mr. and Miss Culture, Mr. and Miss Conservation, and Mr. & Miss Fashion. These titles not only advocate for young people but also encourage their participation in decision-making processes and involve them in beneficial community projects. Teens participating in the awards will have the opportunity to celebrate their peers, personalities, politicians, role models, and schools that have positively influenced their journeys. Nominations are open to all, followed by a voting process through our official media channels, with winners in each category determined by the votes received,” Eddie highlights.

Hon Prossy Mbabazi Akampurira, Commissioner of Parliament and the Woman MP Rubanda District at the Crowning Ceremony of Current Mr and Miss Teens

While the Kigezi Teens Organization has achieved significant milestones over the years, challenges persist, including inadequate funding, limited publicity, and a lack of necessary equipment such as cameras.

These hurdles impede their ability to reach even greater heights. Recognizing the importance of providing opportunities for skills development and addressing the high rate of youth unemployment, the organization has plans to establish a resource center.

The organization appeals to the Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, proprietors, companies, stakeholders, and individuals to support their activities and contribute to changing the lives of young people in communities.

The award categories span diverse fields, encompassing arts, photography, modeling, tourism, education, sports, media, entertainment, and more. Some categories include Artists of the Year, Best Photographer, Top Teens Models, Tourism Personality of the Year, Best School of the Year, Sports Personality of the Year, Best Radio Station of the Year, Event Organizer of the Year, Best Media Presenter, Upcoming Artist of the Year, MCs of the Year, Best Politicians of the Year, Best Gospel Artist, Best Upcoming Talents, Influencer of the Year, TikToker of the Year, Chef of the Year, Comedian of the Year, and Inspirational Youth of the Year.

Mr Eddie Nahwera, Founder and Managing Director Kigezi Teens Magazine

“We extend a warm invitation to everyone to join us on 23rd December 2023 at White Horse Inn. By actively involving young people and providing them with meaningful opportunities, we take a vital step towards realizing their rights and bringing about positive change in our society. For any inquiries or assistance, please contact us via email at Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of young people in the Kigezi community,” Eddie concludes.

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