Kabale Regional Referral Hospital Refutes False Claims of Trainee doctor rape

KABALE – Authorities at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital in Southwestern Uganda’s Kabale District have refuted the viral allegations circulating on various social media platforms claiming that a female intern doctor, assigned to their facility, was assaulted, robbed, and sexually assaulted while en route to the hospital.

In a letter addressed to the Federation for Uganda Medical Interns (FUMI), a group comprising 20 doctors, 16 nurses, and 4 pharmacists, detailed the unsettling experiences they have encountered during their initial month of internship. These incidents encompassed a male intern who was subjected to an assault and robbery within his rented accommodation, along with two female interns whose padlocks were tampered with, although they were able to thwart any robbery attempts by raising the alarm.

In addition to the physical and sexual assaults, the interns expressed deep concerns regarding the lack of security measures and inadequate accommodation facilities provided to them. Speaking to our correspondent, Dr. Oscar Malvin Gumisiriza, the Former Treasurer General for the Federation for Uganda Medical Interns, clarified that the incident reported by the media actually occurred back in 2018.

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Dr. Osinde Ochieng, the head of the intern group, also disclosed that he has not received any reports of rape incidents from his colleagues, apart from instances of theft.

Dr. Nelson Obote, the administrator of Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, voiced his opinion that the dissemination of this false information was driven by a malicious intent to besmirch the reputation of the hospital facility.


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