Rubanda District Woman MP hopeful Donates 400 Mama Kits to Support Maternal Health, Health Centers Grapple with Staff Quarters Shortage

RUBANDA – In a heartfelt display of compassion aimed at bolstering maternal health in Rubanda District in the southwestern Uganda, Ms. Anna Asiimwe, a resident of Kakore in Hamurwa Town Council and a dedicated businesswoman who is currently vying for the Rubanda District Woman Member of Parliament, has generously contributed by donating 400 Mama Kits to various health centers.

Ms. Anna’s philanthropic gesture encompassed the distribution of 50 Mama Kits to Bubare Health Center III, 150 Mama Kits to Hamurwa Health Center IV, an additional 150 Mama Kits to Muko Health Center IV, and a final allocation of 50 Mama Kits to Bufundi Health Center III.

When asked about the inspiration behind her thoughtful donation, Ms. Anna revealed that she was moved to take action after contemplating the challenges that women in labor often encounter. Each Mama Kit she donated contains essential items such as plastic sheeting, razor blades, cotton wool, gauze pads, soap, surgical gloves, exam gloves, cord ties, and a child health card.

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The beneficiaries of Ms. Anna’s generosity expressed their heartfelt gratitude, recognizing her as a key stakeholder in the district who is committed to supporting the well-being of pregnant mothers in the area.

However, it’s important to note that despite Ms. Anna’s significant contribution, several administrators of health facilities raised concerns about the strain on providing quality healthcare services in the district, primarily due to the insufficient availability of staff quarters within these health centers.

At Bubare Health Center III in Bubare Sub County, Joan Birungi, an enrolled nurse, emphasized the considerable challenges posed by the lack of proper staff accommodations. Birungi shared that the health center, staffed by 15 dedicated members, only had two midwives residing on the premises, illustrating the pressing need for suitable housing for medical personnel.

In her earnest appeal to the government, Birungi highlighted the urgent necessity of constructing staff quarters to ensure the effective delivery of services to the community. She also expressed the health center’s aspiration to expand its services by introducing patient admissions, given that the facility currently handles around 950 patients each month.

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Similar concerns were echoed by Benon Abirnjuna, the Public Health Nurse at Hamurwa Health Center IV. Out of the 72 health workers stationed at the center, less than 10 are provided with adequate accommodations. This inadequacy has resulted in service delays as health workers who commute from distant locations face difficulties. Nevertheless, the center continues to serve over 150 patients on a monthly basis.


Dr. Bampabwire Godfrey Amooti, the head of Muko Health Center IV, disclosed that the facility’s four existing staff quarters are currently housing only 10 medical personnel. As the center transitions into a district hospital, he expressed optimism about securing an increased allocation of staff quarters.

The present workforce includes 49 government health workers and 8 private health workers, collectively catering to an impressive 10,909 patients and facilitating 100 to 120 maternal deliveries each month. Dr. Godfrey emphasized the importance of addressing the situation.

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Recognizing the gravity of the issue, Mr. Nuwagaba Mpagi Domic, the assistant inventory management officer in the office of the District Health Officer, Rubanda, affirmed the district’s awareness of the challenge.

He confirmed that measures are being explored, including the construction of staff quarters, to strengthen and streamline service delivery within healthcare facilities.


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