Four Deacons Receive Sacrament of Holy Orders in Kabale.

By Obed Kankiriho.

KABALE- The Archbishop of Mbarara Archdiocese, His Grace Lambert Beinomugisha has administered the Sacrament of Holy Orders to four deacons, by ordaining them into the priesthood.

With great reverence and solemnity, Archbishop Lambert Beinomugisha officiated the ordination ceremony at St. Mary’s Cathedral Church-Rushoroza, in Kabale District.

The newly ordained priests include Reverend Father Dr. Davis Ahimbisiibwe, Reverend Father Crescent Niwamanya (both from Rushoroza Cathedral Parish), Reverend Father Fabias Ariganyira (from Christ the King Parish-Kabale), and Reverend Father Henry Moses Ariho (from Kitanga Parish in Rukiga District).

Archbishop Beinomugisha assigned Reverend Father Henry Moses Ariho to serve in England, Reverend Father Crescent Niwamanya to Bukina Faso in West Africa, and Reverend Father Fabias Ariganyira to the United Kingdom for missionary evangelism.

Under the Archbishop’s guidance and through rigorous theological training, these four deacons had diligently prepared themselves for this significant moment in their lives.

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The ordination ceremony served as a culmination of their years of dedication, prayer, and study.

As the liturgical rituals unfolded, the archbishop imparted his blessing upon the deacons, invoking the Holy Spirit to bestow upon them the necessary grace, wisdom, and strength to fulfill their duties as shepherds of the faithful.

The sacredness of the occasion was palpable, as the newly ordained priests humbly accepted their calling, ready to serve their communities with unwavering devotion.

In his homily, Archbishop Lambert Beinomugisha emphasized the sacred responsibilities entrusted to these priests.

He urged them to be beacons of hope, compassion, and faith, guiding their congregations through life’s trials and triumphs.

He reminded them that their mission extended beyond the confines of the church, urging them to be active agents of positive change within society.

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As the ceremony concluded, joyous applause filled the sacred space, echoing the support and admiration of the faithful in attendance. The newly ordained priests were greeted by family members, friends, and well-wishers, who offered their heartfelt congratulations and prayers.

The ordination of these four deacons into the priesthood was a momentous occasion for the Mbarara Archdiocese, as it not only strengthened the clergy but also served as an inspiration for the entire community.

The archbishop’s guidance and spiritual leadership continue to shape the future of the church, fostering a deeper connection between the faithful and their chosen shepherds.

With hearts full of gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose, the newly ordained priests embarked on their journey, committed to sharing the love and teachings of Christ with all they encountered.

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As they assumed their roles as spiritual guides, their ordination marked a significant chapter in their lives, forever intertwined with the timeless legacy of Kabale Diocese.

The guest of honor, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance, emphasized the significance of parents instilling Christian virtues in their children.

He highlighted that nurturing child with these virtues not only cultivates strong moral values but also fortifies the Church of God.

Dr. Baryomunsi expressed appreciation for the harmonious partnership between the government and the Church in their joint efforts to strengthen the Kingdom of God.

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