Gov’t told to Empower Primary Sports Education

KABALE – Whereas the Ministry of Education and Sports is currently emphasizing physical education and sports in lower secondary schools, Ronald Asiimwe, the proprietor of Asiimwe Preparatory School in Burimba – Rubaya sub-county, Kabale district is urging the government, through the Ministry of Education and Sports, to extend its focus to primary schools as a way of building physical stamina among Pupils.

He believes that empowering sports education at the primary level is crucial for nurturing physical stamina and discovering talents among young pupils.

In the first term of the academic year 2022, the government took a significant step by introducing compulsory physical education for lower secondary school students. This initiative, driven by the Ministry of Education and Sports, aims to promote the development of sports talent among school-going children.

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Asiimwe expresses concern that sports talents in Uganda are on a decline due to inadequate emphasis on imparting physical education and sports to learners during their primary years.

He emphasizes that instilling these values at the primary level would serve as a motivating factor for pupils to discover and nurture their talents.

Speaking at Asiimwe Preparatory School premises, where he received sports donations from generous individuals from France and the United Arab Emirates, Asiimwe voiced his disappointment with the government’s reduction in funds for sports activities in schools.

He considers this a significant oversight, as it limits the holistic development of children in various aspects, potentially affecting their future prospects.

He appeals to the government, particularly through the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES), to reevaluate and increase support for sports activities at the primary level. This, he believes, will aid learners in developing lasting personal and social skills.

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Titus Kiconco, the Head Teacher of Asiimwe Preparatory School, highlights a common challenge faced by many schools – lack of resources to support sports activities, such as sports uniforms. He commends the donors from France and the United Arab Emirates for their generosity, emphasizing that not all children excel in academics; some shine in sports, and supporting these activities is a vital avenue for talent development.

Sadrine, Geanne, and Camille Tailleman from the United Arab Emirates, along with Doubacar, Demba, and Nadjim from France, express their belief that donating sports materials is a meaningful way to support sports in Uganda.

They envision that such contributions will not only help the young generation in Uganda but also provide them with additional income, ultimately contributing to an improved standard of living in the future.

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